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2008 Master List

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2008 Nominee
: Bad Kitty

When Kitty discovers that there is no cat food in the house, she decides to be very, very bad.

Author/Illustrator: Nick Bruel

Book Activities

    • Discussion questions: What do cats like to eat? What does a cat do when it is hungry? Look for connections between the good kitty and bad kitty alphabets.
    • Language arts: Use the the book to review vowel and consonant sounds. Vowels are in the center of each page. Brainstorm good words to describe cats and not so good words.
    • Writing: Make a Bad Dog alphabet book with foods and behaviors. Each student can take one letter of the alphabet.
    • Math: Graph favorite breed of cats.
    • Science: Learn about breeds of cats.  Invite a vet to speak about pet cats.
    • Social Studies: Discuss the importance of cats to Egyptians and mummified cats. Compare house cats to their wild relatives using a Venn diagram.
    • Drama: Write what the cat will say to the dog. (Hint: Look at the back cover.)
    • Cooking/Food: Have a pet food drive and donate the food to the animal shelter.
    • Art: Illustrate your Bad Dog book.
    • Music: Sing The Cat Came Back.
    • Movement:

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